It’s been years since we manufactured first Cymes products.

Since our very beginning, we have made efforts not to lose the trust of our devoted customers, win the hearts of new ones and cater for the taste of gourmets. We know that the awareness of confectionery products is steadily increasing and therefore we take special care when selecting the ingredients for our products. We put the health of our customers first, both the young and the older ones, whose smile motivates us to work and gives great satisfaction beyond comparison. Welcome to our website, where you will learn how and where our products are made.

Our products

We produce sticks, jelly beans, jellies, sugary peanuts and chocolate-covered raisins.

Rapid development

As customer satisfaction, product sales & demand were all growing, we increased production capacity.


Thanks to our persistence we achieved our goal & made our products taste great

Sweet secret

We developed our unique sticks recipe by trial and error.


Contact us

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ul. Długosza 99
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tel/fax (+48 34) 319 80 40
tel (+48 34) 317 39 13

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Ul. Teligi 1
42-100 Kłobuck

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