About the company

We produce sticks, jelly beans, jellies, sugar coated peanuts and raisins in chocolate. This is what our customers say about our flagship product, sesame sticks:

‚The taste of childhood 🙂 THE BEST sticks which I have ever tried. Thick, crisp, delicate, great sesame. No other brand comes even close to matching them!’

The beginnings

It all began in 1989, when the founder of the company started producing jellies on his own, using his qualifications and experience in the confectionery industry. As there were no specialised machines available on the market, products were handmade. Achieving the perfect consistency of the product required a lot of physical effort and time, so work continued from dawn until late at night.



The recipe sticks narrowed down by a lot of testing, and production started only when the true gourmets recognized that fingers are a rarity. From the beginning, our products have gained recognition throughout the country. Sticks “Sesame” quickly became a hit, and are there continuously until today.

Over time and with the development of our company we have invested in machines that improved the work and helped to increase production. In this way, we made a step, the result of which is currently running a production facility.

High quality

We make every effort to ensure that our products are not only tasty but also healthy. We use only natural dyes and do not use any artificial preservatives.

We produce not only under its own brand, but also for the pharmaceutical companies, which have very high quality requirements. Our products regularly undergo extensive audits and their positive result guarantees constant quality level.

We also care about the price level. Top-quality sticks, jelly beans, jelly Cymes pebbles and can be purchased at an affordable price, which our customers appreciate.

natural ingredients,
good price


We sell products under own brand, but also manufacture for large retail chains, pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies. We are aware of individual needs of customers and make sure our products meet their requirements, but at the same time continue to put high quality and natural composition of products first.

Our production capacity allows us to supply large batches of products.  We fill our orders in a timely manner and are a reliable business partner. We are conducting negotiations with new partners from the pharmaceutical industry, which is a clear sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Prizes and awards

The efforts we put in the work on the taste and quality of products have been recognised as our sticks ‚Sezamki’ have received the ‚Consumer Laurel’ and ‚Best in Poland’ awards.

Our company was also awarded the ‚Business Gazelles’ and ‚Forbes Diamonds’ for several times (2014-2015). The awarding committee appreciated our contribution to the development of the Polish economy –  we pay our taxes locally and employ staff on the basis of employment contracts, thus providing them with a sense of stability and financial security.