Earlier and today

It all began in 1989, when the founder of the company started producing jellies on his own, using his qualifications and experience in the confectionery industry. As there were no specialised machines available on the market, products were handmade. Achieving the perfect consistency of the product required a lot of physical effort and time, so work continued from dawn until late at night.

The beginnings were not easy in the period of political changes in Poland because every business idea inspired plenty of copycats. In the 90s, the production of jellies could be set up in a small space, using generally available accessories and kitchen utensils. Since the foundation of Cymes company, we have taken great care so as not to disclose our exclusive recipe outside the circle of few trusted associates.

Six years later, after gaining more and more recognition from customers, we decided to expand our product range and so manufactured the first batch of crispy, delicious sticks.

The sticks recipe was developed by trial and error and serial production began only when our testers, real gourmets, had admitted that the sticks were absolutely delicious. The first batches were distributed in Eastern Poland and sesame sticks quickly became a bestseller that continues to be our most popular product.

Customer satisfaction, growing sales and market demand have all prompted us to invest in machines that helped increase production capacity. This way we passed another milestone, the result of which is the currently operating production plant. We employ at least a hundred people and our company is one of the largest and dynamically expanding businesses in the region.